As I was outside most of yesterday and only managed to finalise the team via mobile, there was no time to post a GW1 finalised team.

So here it is, 1 day into the GW with all Saturday match points added:

GW1 team

Not much change from my final draft. In a clairvoyant move which Nostradamus would have been proud of, I took out Fischer (who did not start) for Redmond (who scored a goal and grabbed 3 bonus points).

However, in a not so clairvoyant move, I chose Heaton to start (who got me 4 points) over Foster (who got a cleansheet and 3 bonus points). I also had a goal and 3 bonus points for my 4.5 mid, Capoue, who was sat on my bench. I can only get his 10 points if by some freak accident Hazard or Firmino doesn’t play today.

Captaincy was alright, with Kun grabbing a goal and 3 bonus points. However, since every man and his dog and his Pokemon has captained Kun, his points had very little effect.

Vardy, Eriksen and Gray blanked. Stones and Friend couldn’t keep a cleansheet. These were the black marks on my opening day team.

Another issue was the game’s servers crashing about 45mins before cut-off deadline. I had actually done a few last minute changes which could not be captured as follows:

Valencia —-> Shaw

Eriksen —-> Lamela

Vardy —-> Ibrahimovic

Yes, at the very last minute, I chickened out and wanted to at least have Ibra on opening day. But when the game could not be accessed, I thought it could be a sign that Vardy was gonna do the business. He didn’t. And I lost Lamela’s goal by not being able to change him from Eriksen. All I need now is for Ibra to plunder attacking points and Shaw to get attacking returns for me to curse the bloody servers at FPL towers.

Anyways, lotsa games to go. Hoping for Ibra to blank, Valencia to get cleanie + assist, Firmino to punish the Gunners backline and Hazard to hammer West Ham.

Keep calm and monkey on!