So here’s how I performed in GW1:

GW1 ranking & score

56 points. Not the greatest of scores, but slightly above average. The overall average was 44 but I think in the slightly more competitive mini leagues I’m playing in, it is actually around 53-55. As it is, I am sat right in the middle of the pack as far as my mini leagues go. Globally, I rank 451,919 out of 3 million over players. Not too shabby.

So, most people’s Captain delivered: Kun & Ibra. Redmond was a surprisingly lucky late punt that paid off. I had Gradel and then Fischer in my team for a long time until I just decided to take a punt on Redmond after reading somewhere that manager Claude Puel was talking him up in the striker’s role. Capoue was another pleasant surprise, bagging a goal and maximum bonus points. Sad thing is his 10 points are wasted on the bench. But that’s the risk with cheap 4.5 mids anyway.

Leaving Foster on the bench was painful, as West Brom duly collected their usual cleansheet and he delivered 3 bonus points to boot. The keeper I chose, Heaton, only returned 4 points after conceding a late goal to Swansea. It’s always gonna be a flip of a coin when it comes to these 2.

Firmino, Gray and Vardy were frustrating, as all 3 found themselves in the thick of many good chances, yet they all fluffed their lines when it came to the actual delivery. Valencia, Stones and Friend all came very close to bagging cleansheets too, if not for late goals conceded by their respective clubs.

Not having Ibra certainly hurt a little, as he duly delivered the same points as Kun. So those who were brave and went for an Ibra & Kun frontline all reaped rewards. Lamela owners rejoiced too over the more expensive Eriksen and Alli owners.

Aim next week is to let this team settle and be quick to dump the sinking ships and jump on early bandwagons, where possible. Points-wise, a slow and steady build up the ladder would be preferable to chasing short term good fixtures. Team balance seems OK, just a few more tweaking needed.