This was a really bad week.

Only 31 points and big, fat red arrows everywhere.


The only one in my team who performed was Diego Costa, who gave me 1 goal, 1 assist and full bonus points. Yet, I captained Sanchez, who drew a blank.


The only consolation for me is the fact that many other popular captain picks stumbled too, with Ibra thankfully getting only 1 point and Kun drawing a blank. Sanchez was the other.

My lack of Firmino or Lukaku punished me, as many of my rivals in my mini league who stocked up on these Scouse assets scored quite well. Lady Luck was also not smiling, as my only transfer this gameweek, Lallana, promptly injured his groin 24mins into the match.

Well, time to lick the wounds and recover. With an international break coming up this weekend, I have activated my wildcard to hopefully climb up the table. With 2 weeks to essentially mull, ponder, tinker and refresh my team, here is hoping the wildcard will bring some success to my team and raise some value too.

First up, clearing out the deadwood and off-form players…