Not a good week, with only 45 points. A slight red arrow.

Saved somewhat by a lacklustre performance all-round too. All major captaincy candidates fluffed their lines, with Kun returning 1, Costa 2, Sanchez and Walcott 3 apiece. The only one who got attacking returns was Lukaku, who got an assist.

Nothing much that I could have done better. Despite the bad points, no knee jerk required. For once, I don’t feel the need to over-tinker or make any changes. I am tempted to just let this team settle and take its shape. Arnautovic was once again unlucky not to bag returns even though his partner Shaqiri grabbed 2 explosive goals. Perhaps next week will be his week.

Son, together with the Spurs team, was shut out by a plucky Bournemouth and nothing too pressing about him being in the team. Perhaps next week will be his week to shine.

Firmino grabbed an assist for Mane’s peach of a goal, but it was Coutinho who scored a goal and is seemingly the best attacking option in Liverpool right now. But as seen in previous gameweeks, picking the right Liverpool attacker is  minefield and perhaps next week will be Firmino’s week to shine.

That seems to be the theme this week. Nothing great but nothing worrying from my team. A lot of bad luck and players playing well without grabbing returns (Costa who did not get anything in a 4-0 Chelsea win against United).

So maybe, perhaps, next week will be the week where all of them shines.