My biggest haul this season: 83 points. With no hits taken. Nice little rise up the overall rankings to 310k.

It could have been better, however. I could have gone for Kun (C), which would have given me more points than a Lukaku (C). I didn’t have Sanchez, who brought in 2 goals and 3 bonus points for his owners. I still have Son, who continued his points plummet with 1 point, and Arnie, the supposedly best Stoke attacking option, who got 1 point and got himself a 1 game suspension for 5 yellows, during a week where his much cheaper teammate Joe Allen grabbed 2 assists and climbed up further in price. Sigh.

Defence was alright, with Lovren’s goal on the bench. It was the right choice to play Pieters v Swansea than Lovren v Palace which was, as correctly predicted, bound to be a goal-fest on both sides. Koscielny was unfortunate not to get a cleansheet due to a penalty conceded by Cech.

What was very lucky, however, was Heaton with a Superman-like performance that got 11 saves, a cleansheet and full bonus points for denying United’s 30 over goal attempts to grab a 0-0 draw for Burnley. What a man-mountain he is proving to become this season.

Anyways, lots to think about, although I have already used up 1 free transfer early: Out goes Arnie for his teammate Joe Allen. In just 2 days after that transfer, I enjoyed a 0.1 price rise. What a player the Welsh Pirlo is starting to become.

My thoughts are on Soton v Hull though. With Hull as the new whipping boys and Soton on form (except last week’s blip against Chelsea), who do I take out for a Soton attacker?

Son out for Redmond seems the most obvious but Austin is the one who has the highest chance to grab monster scores. But with a strikeforce of Kun, Lukaku and Costa, who do I remove?