55 (-4) points this week. A slight red arrow that sees me going down a little bit in mini leagues.

Captain Kun returned a solitary goal in an underwhelming game. He was overshadowed by the dominant and rising Hazard and also the Liverpool boys who swept aside Watford by smashing in 6 goals shared among their midfielders.

Defence was a nightmare. No cleansheet and instead a -2 from Holebas, who was part of the defence that got raped by Liverpool. He earns a suspension for GW12 too.

The rest of the team was pretty meh. Nothing great and nothing much to be done.

I pulled the trigger for an early transfer despite it being an international break this weekend. With Hazard’s form, I knew he was definitely going to max out his 0.3 price rise limit. So I had to get him in. I missed his 19 point haul. But I’d be damned if I was gonna miss another haul. So out went Firmino and in came Hazard. Felt a bit silly coz I did the transfer before the Liverpool game and before Firmino promptly delivered 15 points for me. Hope this decision doesn’t come back to bite.

It is midway through internationals and already there have been some casualties. Sanchez is an injury doubt after a purported muscle tear (some quarters are saying it’s not as bad as a tear) and there is also Diego Costa who was withdrawn from the Spain squad due to a groin injury. Have to monitor closely.

I was thinking of taking a hit to bring in Chelsea’s Alonso for one of my defenders. But if Costa needs to go (depending on the extent of his injury), then I may even go for a -8 to turn him into an Austin or Defoe and have that extra cash to bring Sanchez in when he’s fit and fixtures turn better.