54 points (-8).

I still don’t know what overcame me in making those 2 extra free transfers after I had replaced Joe Allen with Siggy. Greed, I guess. Thinking that Firmino and Coutinho will run riot against Sunderland. And fear too, in reading too many fantasy sites and seeing so many people putting their faiths in Couts / Firm for the armband.

My armband was firmly on Aguero up until Saturday, proving once again that sometimes overthinking can derail a potentially good season.

A slight drop in rankings and a red arrow. Position in mini-league did not change much though, as many were in the same boat in putting faith in the Liverpool mids.

On the bright side, only Firmino did not perform from my 3 new players. Siggy returned with a goal and an assist, while Austin returned with the solitary goal of the game and 3 bonus points. Thankfully too, the players they replaced, Redmond and Lukaku, did not score any attacking points either. So, rash -8 hits somewhat mitigated.

Onwards to next week. With Coutinho’s injury being potentially quite serious, it is obvious he has to go. But for who?

Currently, there are 3 options:

OPTION 1: Coutinho to Eriksen

OPTION 2: Coutinho to Walcott.

OPTION 3: Coutinho to Pedro + Hazard to Sanchez (-4)

OPTION 1 is because Spurs are facing a Swansea that shipped 4 against Palace this gameweek. Many are going for Kane, so Eriksen may be a good differential who may be in amongst the points due to his heavy involvement in set-pieces and attacking plays.

OPTION 2 because Walcott loves to score against West Ham. Add to the fact that it is an out of sorts West Ham who has a terrible record at their own new stadium, suddenly Walcott look a good shout.

OPTION 3 is very attractive simply because it will nab me the league’s most sought after midfielder in Alexis, who essentially plays as striker in an Arsenal team keen to make up ground in the title race. The downside is I’d have to sacrifice Hazard for the funds, though I would be getting Chelsea’s attacking coverage in the form of Pedro, who is showing stellar and consistent returns this season.

Decisions, decisions…