This week has just passed by so fast that we’re ALREADY into the next GW (Gameweek 16) and I haven’t even updated GW15’s scores yet. Christmas season has truly arrived.

52 points this week.


Yet another average gameweek, though a very slight green arrow for me. No changes in my positions in the ML. This is because many people were forced to take hits, due to Austin’s injury coming very late into the week, when many had already been forced to transfer out Aguero before his price plummeted further. -4 and even -8 was a common occurence.

For starters, my punt on Kane the previous week paid off. Which meant that I did not have to waste a transfer shipping Kun out. Next, when the news of Austin injury came in, I had 1 FT to deal with it.

My options were to either spend it on a SINGLE transfer, by bringing in either:

  • Origi
  • Benteke
  • Iheanacho

I could afford all 3. I went through the thought process. Origi may not be nailed on, if Klopp decides to retain Firmino upfront and push Lallana or Wijnaldum onto the flanks. Also, he has not had such a good record.

Benteke had the best fixture, facing Hull. However, his fixtures after that are bad, i.e. facing United and then Chelsea.

Iheanacho was a gametime risk too, and City’s fixtures aren’t exactly the greatest, but he can be the most rewarding, as he has shown with his many hauls from cameos previously.

My other option was to make 2 transfers, by sacrificing Firmino to someone in the 5+ range, like Snodgrass or Can or Zaha, and turning Austin into Ibrahimovic. Ibra faced Spurs over the weekend, and it was -4, but it would set me up for United’s kind fixtures.

In the end, I went with the single transfer option. And I chose Iheanacho.


The worst that could happen, did. Origi and Benteke promptly scored while Iheanacho blanked and got hooked off early in the game as City was blitzed by Leicester. A very worrying sign as this may mean bench duties for him the next game.


So now, with very little time to reflect or ponder, I had to do something with Tuesday’s games coming. Immediately, I dropped Lovren, who was far from convincing and may have suffered a slight injury, and brought in Lovren. I did not have enough money for the upgrade, so I had to sacrifice a misfiring Firmino to bring in Eriksen, who plays Hull at home, for a -4.

Hopefully, this decision pays off. I also chose to give Kane the armband. As of writing, Tuesday games have already been played and I had 1 player with 1 goal played: Sanchez. Let’s see what happens tonight.