It finally happens.

After teetering on the brink of a 1 match automatic ban, for accumulating 5 yellows, for what seems like eternity, Chelsea’s top scorer and reformed bad boy Diego Costa finally got his long-awaited booking in the 1-0 win against Palace yesterday. Giving himself a break on Boxing Day’s match against Bournemouth, in the process.


Many non-Costa owners had been holding back from transferring him in since GW6, when he got his 4th yellow, waiting for him to get his 5th, clear his ban then come aboard the Costa wagon. Well, they have been frustrated by his good behaviour for 10 whole gameweeks, where he scored goals and got assists for fun, and saw a price rise to reach 11.0!

Many thought he may even make it to the New Year reprieve, where the yellow card slates are wiped clean for all, but alas, I guess Costa really wanted to enjoy his eggnog and unwrapping of presents under his tree. Bless.

Which gives, all of us Costa owners who bought him in at a low price a right big headache. To sell or not to sell? If we ship him out, we would have to ship him back in after his 1 match suspension, and we would have lost all the value we gained from him. However, with Ibra in fine form and United with great fixtures, the lure of bringing in the big Swede may prove to sweet to bear.

As for me, after seeing Ibra blitzed WBA with 2 goals at the Hawthorns, I have pulled the trigger. Did a -4 by swapping out Eriksen for Lallana too (as I could not afford Ibra with only 1 transfer). Hopefully, this early transfer doesn’t come biting me back since there are still a few games left to play for this gameweek.