59 points with a -8 saw a red arrow and a slight drop in my mini-leagues.


With GW20 coming right on the heels of GW19 that had concluded 1 day before, this was the tail-end of the mad Christmas festive period which saw 2016 end and 2017 begin with 3 gameweeks coming at breakneck speed.

After much tinkering and thought as a result of my Kun-undrum (see previous post), I decided to roll the dice by swapping Costa for Kun. As a result, I had to downgrade Siggy to Phillips, and a late injury scare to Alonso meant I also took him out for Brunt. Hence, the -8 points hit deduction.

The gamble paid off though, as Kun got 7 points, Phillips 9 and Brunt 8. As a comparison, Costa and Alonso both blanked, while Siggy only got an assist. However, the fact that I captained Kun and many captained Ibra (who got 8 compared to Kun’s 7) without taking a -4, much less a -8, meant that I was immediately down by -9 if I had not done the triple transfer. Such is the costs of a hit, or 2.

Origi once again disappointed, and I reacted, perhaps out of rage, by transferring in Defoe at 7.7. Cedric got injured after 5 minutes, giving him a 1 pointer. Many have sold him, causing his price to drop to 4.8. He is an area I need to repair, though I would hesitate in wasting another -4 for him next GW. At most, I would be looking to perhaps ship out Ibra for Kane or Giroud for their easier fixtures.

Lots to think about, so fortunately, the next GW is but another 1 and a half weeks away. Here is praying Defoe does not get injured in the FA Cup this weekend.