Yet another safe 53 points. A slight red in the overall rankings but a slight increase in ground made up in my mini-leagues. This season is proving to be the season of mediocrity for me as I amble along with just enough to secure competence but not enough to make great headway.



I guess I should be happy that I still managed 53 points despite having a captain fail (Hazard, who got hauled off midway through the 2nd half with no attacking returns), and every single attacker, bar Sanchez, blanking. Shocking, really.

Yet, there I am, able to break the 50-point barrier simply because Brunt scored, got cleansheet and secured a bonus point, while Cedric also got a cleansheet, an assist and 3 bonus points. Both defenders alone got me 25 points, almost half of my week’s total points.

I guess it isn’t such a bad result considering I did not make any transfers and managed to roll it into the next one (something I have not done in the loooongest time).

The major talking point was Kun letdown, again. I have had it with him. Yet, some vestigal FPL part of my memory keeps warning me from dumping his Argentine ass like a sack of hot coal. West Ham is next. A resurgent one, that is. Should Kun blank once more, it is out the door he goes.

After thinking long and hard, Kun gets a stay of execution.

I have done early transfers this week (due to volatile price rise and drops). Out goes a fast-dropping Hazard and Defoe (who had tough fixtures coming up) and in comes Alli (who was about to rise) and Lukaku (who is still in the midst of a nice run of fixtures).

Here is hoping my power lineup of Kun, Ibra & Lukaku can actually grab me a long-awaited haul this coming gameweek while Alli, Sanchez, Phillips and Lallana grab me some points. I may, depending on mood, make yet another transfer for a -4, by bringing in Baines for one of my defenders. We’ll see.