What a gameweek.

36 points was all I got and … it gave me a green arrow!


Utilising my 2 FTs, I didn’t have to take any hits and ended up scoring 1 point more than the gameweek average, which was a measly 35points.

This was supposed to have been the week for punts, for differentials and for plucky Captain picks. Ibra facing Hull at home, Sanchez facing Watford, Lukaku facing Spurs, Kane / Eriksen / Alli facing Sunderland, and just because he is so expensive, Kun facing West Ham … the choices were aplenty.

ALL of them decided to fluff their lines. My pick of Sanchez as Captain resulted in the highest Captain points of all (8 points from a solitary assist and a yellow card).

None of the big teams won, except City. And even in their 4-0 hammering of the Hammers, Kun was benched and came on for a couple of minutes and nothing to show.

Once again, defence (sorta) saved my gameweek, with Heaton giving me 9 points and Pieters getting a 4. The rest of my team flopped, bar Sanchez’s 1 assist.

The coming weeks will be tricky, and every transfer now has to be planned carefully for the blanks coming up in GW 26 and 28.

Will do another post about the blanks, but apart from that, a lot of thinking for me to do, especially my 12.8 problem in the form of Kun Aguero holding up funds and not getting returns.