One of the most agonising gameweeks of the season for me.

I finally had a striker who banged in 4 goals and 3 bonus points in the form of Lukaku … but I failed to Captain him. Instead, I went all emotional, ignored logic and Captained Kun Aguero out of sentiment and blind faith that he would miraculously oust the new Messiah of City, Jesus (no really), and bag a hattrick against Swansea.

Needless to say, my gut-emotional punt failed spectacularly. It started with The Lukaku Show and his 4 smashing goals on Saturday night. He had been teasing all season of such a bonanza, and a home game against leaky Bournemouth was just the perfect storm waiting to happen. My captain’s armband was on Lukaku most of the week (part of it was on Alli too), until my Saturday gut-feel bravado punt on Kun kicked in.

So I went into Sunday hoping Kun would bag 4 to match Big Rom, or don’t come on at all (as Lukaku was my VC). Teamsheet time and my worst fears arrived. Kun was benched. Never mind, there is still hope that Pep would not need him to come on at all. All it needed was for City to score 1 goal and keep that scoreline throughout. A 1-0 scoreline would be perfect because come 75th minute onwards, Pep would be throwing in defensive players to maintain the lead.

This followed the script until the 80++ minute, with Kun firmly on the bench, not even warming up. Would I be so lucky to get Lukaku’s Captaincy points?

Obviously not. Siggy had to pull an equaliser for Swansea. So Pep had to throw Kun in chasing for an equaliser. Enter my Captain for a 2 pointer. Nevermind, here’s hoping for a winning goal from him and maybe restore his place in the starting eleven.

Jesus had to perform a 2nd miracle (he scored City’s opener) by grabbing a late winner. To compound matters further, a perfect floater from Yaya Toure found an unmarked Kun with only the keeper and a gaping goal to head into. Of course he headed it way above the bar, sinking into the pitch with his head in hands (as was I).

And there I was. A 2-pointer Captain in a gameweek when Lukaku whacked in 4 goals. Cruel game. This is.


And so I ended up with 54 points. Not a bad score, due to Holebas getting an assist, Ibra nabbing 1 goal and Brunt getting a cleanie and 3 bonus points. The rest of the team stank. A slight drop in rankings for me. And a big feeling of “what if” lingers. As of now, I wouldn’t know how much Lukaku’s missed 21 points will feature in my money mini-league.

But one thing’s for certain, players only get hauls like 4 goals every once in a really blue moon. When that happens, you need to be waiting with the Captain’s armband. And not like me, wasting it on a 12.8 FPL has-been.

The demise of Kun is bittersweet. Here was a player who had helped me win my money mini-league before. Here was a player who in his prime was more than just FPL essential but fantasy solid gold. How quickly it has all gone downhill for him with the arrival of Pep and more recently, Gabriel Jesus.

Goodbye Kun, and thanks for the memories.