… often go awry when Kun Aguero gets a sudden double gameweek.

Just 2 weeks ago, City fans were hailing the coming of Jesus as saviour for their season and Kun was cast aside almost like a pariah, warming the bench and batting eyelids at suitors like Chelsea, Arsenal or any other club sensible enough to realise he is one of the world’s most lethal finishers in the box.

That, coupled with City facing 2 blank gameweeks in the space of 3 gameweeks (GW 26 and 28) meant that many had dumped their City players as if they were toxic assets. Any serious FPL player who still had Aguero on his books would be looked at as if he was a casual.

What a difference a gameweek makes.

Jesus suddenly gets injured in a game, discovers he broke a metatarsal and is told he would most likely be out until the end of the season. Kun is suddenly thrown a lifeline.

Next, Cup progressions and fixture changing meant that if City beats Huddersfield in their FA Cup replay (they drew 0-0 the first time they met last weekend), their GW28 blank game with Stoke would be moved earlier in the week, thereby making it count as GW27. Suddenly, City would have a DOUBLE GAMEWEEK! The first DGW of the season!

As icing on top of the cake, Kun scored 2 beautiful poachers’ goals against Monaco in the Champions League to remind everyone who he is.

In less impactful news, Burnley’s shock loss to non-league Lincoln in the FA Cup meant that suddenly, Burnley had a game in GW28, together with Liverpool. People with Burnley and Liverpool assets must have heaved huge sighs of relief as they now could safely hold on to their players safe in the knowledge that their GW28 fixture is on.

Suddenly, all the hemming, hawing and planning to come up with 11 players for the much-feared GW28 blanks became somewhat of a non-event. Suddenly, those by blind luck were still holding onto their City assets could relish at the thought of a DGW with games against Sunderland and Stoke. Kun captaincy or triple captain doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all.

Well, just like in any dynamic game of chance and probability, the slightest change or variation has interlocking effects felt far in every direction. Many managers who had been building up their squads to navigate the GW26 blank, GW27 bonanza game for Ibra holders (Bournemouth at Old Trafford) and GW28 blank would have to rip up their guideook, tear their plans into pieces and go back to the drawing board.

Key issues to be contemplated now include:

  • Is it wise to move for Aguero for the DGW, bearing in mind Pep’s penchant for rotation?
  • Is it even wiser to double or triple up on City assets for the DGW, knowing that they have a blank the following GW?
  • Do you now double up on Liverpool attack or do you think their lottery-nature of getting hauls dissuade you from doubling up?
  • Do you hold on to fast-dropping value assets such as Ibra and Sanchez, knowing that they both will have TWO double gameweeks coming up?

Many questions to be answered. All I’ve done so far is to roll the dice with 2 transfers (-4):

  • Sanchez out, Mane in
  • Carroll out, Costa in

Carroll’s sale was due to an unforseen injury to the lanky Geordie. He was supposed to be my West Ham coverage for the massive blank GW28. But ever since I bought him, he has been injured for both games. Out he goes for Costa v Swansea. Though they are much improved, Costa’s record against the Swans bears mentioning. As for Mane, well, a no-brainer since he is one of the game’s most explosive mids who has a game in GW28.

Anyways, good luck to all. We shall see whether this gamble pays off or not.