79 points with no hits from this motley crew with nice green arrow.



Not a bad gameweek at all.

Obviously, biggest hauler is the surprisingly consistent Lukaku, who returned 2 goals, 1 assist and max bonus points. The downside is almost every other man and his dog captained Big Rom too, making this haul not a big deal. Those who did not have him would have plummeted like hell in rank.

Alli, my sole transfer in for the week, returned with a rather fortuis penalty goal. I had been toying with the idea of making 2 changes for a -4, bringing in Costa and Son for Llorente and Lallana. In the end, I went for the straight Lallana to Alli swap. Thankfully.

Antonio returned an assist, though he got withdrawn with injury. Must monitor.

Alonso did not keep a cleansheet but returned with an assist. Coleman kept a cleansheet. Brunt once again failed to deliver.

As for keepers, both played each other and both returned EXACTLY the same points of 10 with a cleansheet, 1 save point and 3 bonus shared between them. I went for Pickford simply because it was Sunderland at home, though it did not matter.

Oh, and Kun finally delivered with a solitary goal against Liverpool. Not enough for a 12.8 player. Just not enough.

Onwards we go into international break with lots of thinking and tinkering to do.