42 points nabbed, a red arrow and -4 with both transfers failing spectacularly. Sigh.

GW30 points

It all started with the horrific Seamus Coleman injury last week. That prompted me to waste 1 transfer to replace him. It was a toss-up between Valencia and Walker. I had reasoned that Valencia, who had to travel to South America on long-haul, and in a United squad with fixtures flying in thick and fast, would be more prone to rotation. So Walker was the “safer” choice.

Valencia played full 90 minutes and got 8 points while Walker was rested completely. What a wrong call that was.

Next, Antonio was injured and once it was confirmed that he wouldn’t be playing over the weekend, it was a matter of looking for his replacement. I decided on Pedro as Chelsea was facing Crystal Palace and I had none of the Blues coverage. Pedro played, but got nothing as Chelsea suffered a shock defeat at the hands of a resurgent Palace under Big Sam.

So, 2 bad transfers. As for captaincy, I flopped with Siggy getting just 3 points, making it 6 in total, but it was a week where almost all other popular captain picks, like Costa, Sanchez, Lukaku all flopped too.

Aguero scored against Arsenal, and so did Mane and Alli got an assist. Brunt got a rare cleansheet. That’s about it. A very lacklustre and mediocre week to be followed by a midweek gameweek in 2 days time.

Looks like another 2 more transfers as I need to bring in Sanchez and Vardy…