For some reason a line from Coldplay’s Fix You seems to be my theme song this season.

“When you try your best and don’t succeed…”

“… stuck in reverse….”


I mean, some would ask, “You got 56 points, with no hits, why complain?”

Well, red arrow, for one. 256k overall ranking. And, worse of all, deepening the gap further in my money league which I play with friends. So yeah, perhaps my season could use a lil fixing.

GW32 points

So let’s start with the dissection of how it went wrong.

Went with my gut to go Alli, thinking that Ibra may come undone against a relegation-threatened Sunderland at home. Alli did grab a goal, but the problem was, the other captaincy options outscored him. Ibra got a goal, an assist and 3 bonus points, meaning he outscored Alli by 8 points (if captained).

Sanchez flopped in an alarming Arsenal self-destructing team. Siggy and Llorente are fast becoming lemon buys, despite Swansea’s good fixtures. Pedro got only 1 point despite huffing and puffing and putting in a good shift. Vardy got an assist but nothing else. My entire defence flopped, save for Heaton with yet another cleansheet and Alonso with a goal. Walker got benched again. An expensive mistake he is.

What hurt me even more were the players I did not have. Hazard turned it on with yet another great display. Lukaku grabbed 2 goals and 3 bonus to remind us all to ignore him at our peril. Finally, Son, the Spurs punt and Kane’s understudy, grabbed 2 goals and maximum bonus points to outshine Alli.


With just 6 more gameweeks left, I wanted to roll the dice and go wild. I wanted to make 3 changes immediately, to bring in Kane, Hazard and Lukaku. But then I got busy at work, thankfully, and when I managed to sit down to look at these sorry lot, I realised it is far too late in the season to worry about value anymore. It is better to forget about FPL for a while, and then look at it fresh on Saturday.

So, gonna ignore this team for a bit. And come back on Saturday. With probably Kane, Hazard and Lukaku onboard. 😀