This is it. The last lap of the race. And I’m in the lead for a run-in … downwards.

Yet another red arrow with a lowly 41 (-4) that sees me tumbling out of contention in my cash prize mini-league (only top 5 has payout and I seem firmly stuck on 8).

GW33 points

Lukaku was supposed to have gone wild against Burnley. But nopes, because I captained him, he decided to score just 1 goal. Elsewhere, Zlatan got benched, came on and lost his 1 point to a yellow. Llorente and Siggy once again returned nothing for the 4th gameweek running, while Zaha who was brought in got nothing. Sanchez scored 1 goal to reward my faith in him.

In defence, everyone sucked except Walker who surprise surprise played and kept a cleansheet. Alonso pulled up with an injury. Team is really in shambles at the moment. Need major overhaul.

Luckily, next week is the first of the 3 upcoming double gameweeks. With Palace, Boro and United playing 2 games this gw, this is my chance to roll the dice.

The silver lining to my lowly position is that I am now liberated to go wild. Picking up a DGW player essentially means it is not for a hit if he plays 2 games. The upside is that he has 180 minutes to get returns. So, for someone with nothing to lose, why not?

Looking to max out 3 each from the DGW teams.