So the fabled and mythical double gameweek came and gone.

162 points scored (-4)

GW37 points

With the average being 81, my points haul would appear to be great but alas, this double gameweek served only for the serious players to blow casuals out of the water. Majority of the serious players scored above 160 so my ‘haul’ wasn’t as much a haul as it was simply par for course.

Biggest regret was in not captaining Harry Kane for his biggest FPL haul yet (5 goals over 2 games) but with Sanchez’s fixtures, who would have thought. Well, those who did reaped great rewards. The usual suspects like Jesus, Sanchez together with the Arsenal and Southampton defenders delivered reasonable points.

This was the week that most people I knew, and myself included, bench boosted. It wasn’t as great as it was made out to be. Those who held on to triple captaincy would have prospered even more.

An okay gameweek. However, being the big double gameweek with bench boost in use, it was sort of anti-climatic. Many had predicted that with majority of teams with nothing left to play for in GW37, this would be a risky time to bench boost. They were proven right.

Onwards to the final gameweek of the season for me then…